CMA Wallets, LLC Give yourself the advantage!

Our story

We are a small Texas based company located on the outskirts of Houston.  I proudly served in both the Air Force and the Army for a total of 12 years.  My wife met me during my last 3 years in and got to ‘enjoy’ life with a spouse who was deployed for 2.5 of those 3 years.  She has come up with many of the design changes for this, so my special thanks to her for this and for supporting my desire to produce this product.

I thought of the idea when talking with some conceal carry holders who were going over how to address a scenario of being mugged.  They spoke about trying to distract the mugger, getting some distance, or just giving up.  Muggers are typically within 3-5 feet of you and usually looking in your eyes and want you to move slowly.  With a standard conceal carry weapon, you must be more than 20 feet away and/ or have them be distracted long enough for you to quickly draw your weapon and shoot it… unlikely scenario for both.  This holster allows you to keep eye contact, draw slowly, and be in close proximity of the threat all while helping to minimize the danger to you.

That’s when I thought of a way to be able to make the criminal think that you are giving them what they asked for, but not actually giving up your wallet.  Your life is in eminent danger & you have a right to protect yourself (stop the threat).  So I devised a way to be able to draw out a small pocket pistol & discharge multiple times, all while minimizing the chance of the mugger knowing you have drawn out the pistol.

The most important part of this design is that it functioned properly.  There were many designs that made it look prettier, but they would jam, or it was very difficult to take the pistol in and out of the holster, so I decided to focus on the function versus the aesthetics. In order for proper function, needed to be hand assembled and because of this, you may see variations/ slight aesthetic issues.

Everything is purchased, cut, sewn & assembled in the Houston Texas region.  As long as CMA Wallets owns this design, it will continue to be.  Nothing will be made outside of the United States & ideally it will only be made in Texas.

Some Scenarios to Think of

With many means of carrying your pistol, such as the conceal carry purses or in your sweatshirt/hoodie pocket, there is a risk of the slide catching on the fabric. That means that you get one shot and then get the weapon out & clear the weapon… that takes time which increases your risk of bodily harm.  This has a plastic inner shell which allows the slide to move freely, thus reducing the risk of jamming.  It could still be used inside of a purse or a sweatshirt/hoodie.

Imagine the scenario where someone comes into a restaurant and demands everyones wallet (think Pulp Fiction).  They don’t want you to pull out a pistol, they want wallets… 

Also, here in Houston, the media has reported on a rash of robberies where the assailant was wielding a weapon.  And the criminal is threatening the victims life, for their wallet…

…what would you do?