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Partially filled out forms are at the bottom!


Forms that have been filled out with the general information is all listed at the bottom of this page!

Tips and tricks for filling out the ATF Form 1:

Item 1 (Type of Application)- If you are a legal entity such as a Law Enforcement Officer- select 'c' tax exempt.  Everyone else is probably the first type.

                 It is strongly recommended that you have a letter from your command that says you will use the AOW to help you perform your duties as an officer.  This will help expedite the form process.

Item 2 (Application made by)-  Only select 1 of them.  

Item 3b (Applicants Name)- If you selected Individual in Item 2, you will need to put your own name and address.  If you selected Trust or Legal Entity, you will put the name of your trust and address- do not put your individual name.

Item 4a (Name and Address of Original Manufacturer)- You put the name and address of the Gun Manufacturer   


        Lacey Place,  Southport CT 06890


         1505 Cox Road, Cocoa, FL 32926


        6000 Highlands Parkway SE, Smyrna GA 30082

Item 4b (Type of FIrearm to be made):  For the wallet holster, you will put "ANY OTHER WEAPON"

Item 4e and 4f (Length)-  This is the measurement in INCHES

Item 4g (Serial Number)- Keep all special characters out of this, only the actual serial numbers (e.g. your weapon says 654-3210.  Put in 654 3210  and not the '-'.

Item 4h (Additional Description)- for the wallet holster, this can be left blank

Item 4i (State Why You Intend To Make Firearm)- The most common statement used is "For All Legal and Lawful Purposes".  You dont have to put this, nor are we advising you on what to put there, but it is a commonly accepted statement.

Item 4j (Type of destructive device)- This is a firearm

Item 5 (Applicants Federal Firearms License)-  Only if you have an FFL do you need to fill out this section.  If you have a business license and it is not related to the FFL, you can leave it blank

Item 6 (Special Tax Status)-  Only if you are going to be reselling a weapon with the holster married to it will you need to fill this out.

Item 8 (Name and Title of Authorized Official)-  This is where you write your name and put Owner next to it as you own the weapon.

Item 10 (Law Enforcement Notification)- 

            Agency or Department Name- The local law enforcement office that you are in the jurisdiction of (e.g. Harris County Sheriffs Office)

            Name and Title of Official- The current Chief or Head Officer

            Address- This is the Law Enforcement's address, not yours!

Item 11 (Makers Questions)- Answer these honestly because it can come back to haunt you if you dont.

Item 12 (Photograph)-  This is a standard passport photo.  You will need two pictures- one for the ATF & one for your copy.

            Note:  When filling this out, send them all the copies.  They have to put the stamp on your copy and send the CLEO copy to your LE office.

 Item 15- The number should correspond with the number of names in section 16.

Partially Filled out Form 1's

Form 1 Individual Exempt (Applies to Most Law Enforcement)

     LCP        Glock42        P3AT

Form 1 Individual Non-Exempt (Applies to Most Citizens)

     LCP        Glock42        P3AT

Form 1 Trust Exempt

     LCP        Glock42        P3AT

Form 1 Trust Non-Exempt

     LCP        Glock42        P3AT

Should you have any other tips, tricks or corrections, please email them to us and we will update as quickly as possible