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Safety and Use of the Wallet Holster

PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS!!!  This provides guidance on how to properly handle your weapon with the holster.
How to do everything from inserting the weapon to discharging it

These are the individual steps:
How to insert and remove a weapon from the holster
How to insert and remove the holster from your BACK pocket
How to remove the holster from your pocket and discharge the weapon 

Thanks to G2G Shooting Range in Richmond TX for allowing us to do these videos in their facility and to Sky Productions for making all the videos.  Here is our combined video.

About your Wallet Holster

  1. Design- the Wallet Holster’s  outer shell is real leather; the inner shell is a smooth plastic to help reduce the friction that the slide would normally have against a leather-like holster. There is a foam insert that helps keep the firearm in place.
  2. Since the Wallet Holster is shaped, cut and sewn together by hand, to ensure that the firearm functions properly as if it were not holstered, you will find a few odd cuts and areas ground down. Please understand that we at CMA Wallets felt it was more important to ensure smooth operation of the firearm rather than visual aesthetics. If your Wallet Holster has seam separation, please review the warranty section of the Terms and Conditions of Sale to see whether your Wallet Holster is covered by our limited warranty.
  3. The Wallet Holster is not for both right and left handed people, but specifically for a right handed OR a left handed person. The side of the Wallet Holster that has a hole for access to the trigger will determine whether the Wallet Holster is right-handed or left-handed. We designed the Wallet Holster with trigger access from only one side so that the holster may be placed in the back pocket and, when drawn out, based on the shooting hand of the owner, the trigger would be hidden, thus not letting the attacker know that you have drawn a firearm.

Thank you again for your purchase. We hope that you will never encounter a situation in which you have to use a firearm concealed in your Wallet Holster for the defense of yourself or others. But if you do, we believe that the Curveball Wallet Holster will aide you in providing additional personal security and protection. If you have questions or comments please contact us via the website WWW.CMAWALLETS.COM or email us at