CMA Wallets, LLC Give yourself the advantage!

Imagine you are out one evening and someone comes up to you demanding your wallet.  They are not 20 feet from you...they are 4 feet.  They tell you to move slowly and are keeping a close eye on your movements.  If you are carrying a regular concealed weapon, the likelihood that you will be able to get 20 feet of distance, get them heavily distracted or move with lightning speed to draw your weapon and protect yourself is highly unlikely.  There is a good chance that even if you gave them a wallet, your life could still be in jeopardy.

With the Curveball Holster, not only do you completely mask the outline of the weapon in your back pocket, but it allows you to be in close proximity to the threat to allow you to draw your weapon.  Additionally, they do not need to be distracted and you can comply with their demands of moving slowly.  For them, and unknowingly to them, the slower you move the better it is for you.  It wont appear that you are going for a weapon, when the holster and weapon are slowly drawn out to allow you to discharge the weapon, they will have it in their mind that you are giving them a wallet, but you are throwing them a Curveball.